Ann Marie & Eoin

October 8, 2020

“But to know that someone loves you

And to have them by your side

Is the greatest eartly happiness

to be found in the world wide” – Tom Waldron.

I never had the honour of meeting Tom Waldron, Eoin’s late dad…but the words he wrote above, part of a wonderful poem he penned stirred something within me. I can only guess he was a wonderful, kind, patient that is what his son Eoin is. To marry your love is such a huge commitment at any time but to marry in the midst of a worldwide pandemic…it says a lot about this wonderful couple Ann Marie & Eoin.

Ann Marie is that rare mix of humility, beauty and charm and was so kind and watchful on the morning she was to marry Eoin…making sure that all that surrounded her knew they were loved…knew they meant so much to her.

And so on Friday the 31st of July at The Church of St Coleman, Claremorris Ann Marie proudly walked, alongside her wonderful father, up the aisle to Eoin. Hairs stood up on the back of my neck for in that moment I truly understood the significance of their decision to marry during these strange times…they are so utterly in love with one another and their families and wanted to share and celebrate that. To reassure not only their families but all that knew them…their lives would continue unaltered by this pandemic..yes.. .some things were different…numbers in attendance…people who they had truly wished could be there to share their joy with them..but joy was evident everywhere on that Friday afternoon.

Eoins sister sang so sweetly and poignantly …her beautiful voice echoing around the incredible St Colemans Church, tears were shed while she sang…so many emotions visible on so many faces during that time…again it brought home to me the power of family…the power of friends…of how people who touch our lives…help mould and form us…they never leave us..our every living moment is a testament to them.

Ann Marie and Eoin thank you for reminding me of this and thank you, for sharing a little of the magic of your incredible day with me.