Werner Family Adventures

"As soon as I saw you I knew an adventure was going to happen" - AA Milne

“I have long been an admirer of Elizabeth’s incredible work. There is an unparalleled level of emotion and enchantment to her talent that is not readily found in most photographer’s work. Looking at one of Elizabeth’s photographs, one has the feeling that they can step into the magic. It is something akin to stepping into the wardrobe and landing in Narnia. There is a soul to Elizabeth’s photography. She isn’t simply shooting what is in front of her, for she is framing the emotion and feeling of that moment.

The only thing that may rival Elizabeth’s incredible talent is her person. Working with Elizabeth is an absolute pleasure which I have yet to experience with any other photographer. She brings a warmth and enthusiasm that automatically puts you at ease

The photographs that Elizabeth has given to my family are treasured family heirlooms, and are unrivalled by any other we have ever had taken. They are far and away my favourites and we receive more compliments on them than any other. When I had to take my iPhone into the Apple store for repairs the staff was so enthralled with the photographs that they put them on one of the screens in the store to see them in greater resolution !!

All our love,

The Wandering Werners xxx