Hannah & Alan

October 7, 2020

On Wednesday the 25th of March a very special man whisked the love of his life to Ashford Castle Hotel in Cong, County Mayo with a most definite plan in mind.    Alan, is one of the unsung heroes of our country right now…an incredibly hardworking (and handsome, it has to be said) Doctor in the A & E Department of a busy hospital, and so time is something that is very precious to him. Together Alan and I had secretly planned and plotted on the most perfect proposal for his love…his vision was truly incredible and to listen to him talk of his love for Hannah was inspiring, and it was certainly deserving of the plans he was making.   All that know me know I am a true romantic and so I was in utter heaven, to help a young Doctor propose in the way that he wanted…my heart still flutters to think of it. 

But what is it they say about the best laid plans (and let me assure you no stone had been left unturned!!)  – the evening before Alan was due to arrive at Ashford Castle –  the hotel, due to the ongoing pandemic had to close its doors …and so Alan’s plan of a luxurious stay in the castle coupled with a proposal of marriage was thwarted…. or so it seemed. But love always wins out, and so in the midst of it all..in the midst of a global pandemic, lockdown, misty rain…Alan still drove though the gates of Ashford Castle with Hannah, blissfully unaware by his side.

He parked his car, opened her door and held her by the hand…softly explaining they had been due to stay there but it was not, at this moment in time meant to be…Alan asked Hannah to walk with him…to walk alongside him.

And so together they both did just that….having the Castle and its grounds totally to themselves..Alan went on bended knee and uttered words to Hannah …words that will only ever be known between the two of them. Her arms winding around his neck…her beaming smile…it said it all.

I had the incredible privilege of getting to witness this precious moment…we then went on to share a little time together…these memories…these will stay with me forever xx