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Do you believe in Magic…..

I do, now that I’ve spent time with the enchanting  Miss G.  She was so very excited to spend time with me, and I was as equally excited ! Miss G’s Mums had told her we were getting pictures taken but not where nor indeed that it would involve a special gold dress.   She is an enchanting little girl…..a beautiful sunbeam…here are some of the images we captured together on that magical day.

Sunny summer memories….

From the moment I spoke to Maria on the phone, we clicked….laughing at how hard it can be to get that “quiet minute” to chat.  I met Maria, Johnny and their two beautiful children on glorious sunny afternoon, and we spent a few hours together – time certainly does fly by when your having fun….Miss A and Mr. N were simply adorable….I was having so much fun..I nearly forgot I was there on a mission…to capture some special memories of a very special family.  

S o c i a l   N e t w o r k s