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“I love you in the morning, in the middle of the day, in the hours we’re together and the hours we are away”

Im sitting here wondering what to say about this beautiful family.  Many years ago I stood as a witness and watched Karl and Norma marry…as the years have

rolled by I have experienced tremendous joy at the news of the arrival of their little ones …indeed their little ones are often in front of my lens…being an adoring

Auntie affords me that privilidge !!. It has however, taken a little coaxing to get my baby sis and her adoring hubbie in front of my lens..but I wore them down !

and so on sunny Monday afternoon we spent a little time doing what it is that brings me such joy….we captured some memories.  Im so very proud to introduce

to you this beautiful family.





My Sister……my friend.

I was truly honoured to meet these little angels just before Christmas….I know, I’m way way behind in some of these posts !!! I can honestly say these two little girls adore each other and big sis kept a watchful eye over little Miss A.     Having two sisters myself, I know the magic and joy that comes with having a sister,  a best friend…giggles…secrets….midnight feasts……These two beauties reminded me just how very lucky and very blessed  I am ~ Thank you Miss J and Miss A for making me stop and count my blessings. 

“The Love of a Family is life’s greatest blessing”

I’ve been itching to get these very special people, who are very dear to my heart, in front of my lens for a long time now….and getting them to actually sit was no mean feat as both Momma and Poppa are incredibly camera shy….Why I hear you ask ??? I’ve wondered that very same thing as the camera certainly loves them as much as I do ! It was such an honour to capture some memories for these guys….in doing so I captured them for myself….Thank you P & L ….for being you x 

First Holy Communion

A First Holy Communion….such a special, magical time….”how can my little one already be making their Communion” are words I hear all too often…I’ve uttered those very words myself….and yet it happens…time slips by…our little ones grow and we are given the honour and privilege of accompanying them on this part of their journey….and its moments like these that make us stand still in our tracks…make us catch our we catch a glimpse of the wonderful young adults our babies are becoming…….I hope you enjoy this little glimpse into the magic I’ve been so so lucky to witness <3 

Little Ones.

A selection of the beautiful little people I’ve been lucky enough to meet…..I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I loved taking them.

S o c i a l   N e t w o r k s