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A Mothers Love is Forever.

I love being a Mom..I guess that is why I adore spending time with other Moms…..chatting about our babies…who, despite how tall they grow, will always remain just that, our babies….I love watching a new mum totally caught up in her little bundle….totally besotted…and completely in love.   They don’t need any direction …any help…all I have to do is sit back and be still and watch the magic before me……

My Friend Angela.

I have known Angela for many many years…and she has become one of my closet, dearest friends….who faces life’s up and downs with a quiet dignity and determination – Angela have I ever told that you I admire you so very much ?   I had been itching to get Angela and her beautiful boys in front of my lens for some time…..but she has busy busy boys and my lens had to wait in line amongst football, guitar and rugby.    The morning we spent together warmed my heart so much…I stood and watched my sweetest friend and her boys and their bond…their relationship…. a testament to each one of them and  of their love and commment to each other – Thank you Angela, and to you J. B and A for making me smile…laugh and feel so very blessed. 

Family Memories.

Is there a better way to spend a crisp Sunday morning than with a beautiful family…two adorable little guys that stole my heart ?  An adoring Mum and Dad ? Nope I think not….it was one of those mornings when everything was just perfect..the lighting..the mood..the giggles…..what is it with guys and fixing cars ?? It’s in their DNA I think – their need to tinker..ahem…I mean fix all loose nuts and bolts ! I truly believe, with all my heart, that it is so very important to document the lives of our little ones, our lives…as these moments pass by so very quickly…they are, alas all to fleeting…but thats what I adore about photography…it captures the moment….the magic…and although we cannot stop time, we can document what is important to us…we can freeze memories to look back on and cherish forever. 

Little Ones

I simply adore working with children…I appreciate their candour, honesty….most of all I revel in their innocence … their unwavering ability to reduce what seems the most complicated of situations to child’s play…..As I grow older I appreciate the simple things….uncomplicated things …..and in my humble opinion there is nothing more simple nor more beautiful than a child at play.   

A Wonderful Little Family.

Bernie and I had been trying to get together for some time…but life threw us some curve balls …and best laid plans…well they remained just  that for a while…plans…but I believe with all my heart everything happens when the time is right….and when we did meet..the time was just that..perfect…in fact it could not have been more perfect.    These adorable little boys stole my heart as soon as I laid eyes on them…its wonderful to just step back and watch your surroundings through inquisitive little eyes…not only is it wonderful..but it has taught me so much about life.   Bernie and John have been unbelievably blessed with these little guys…as have they been blessed with such loving and attentive parents.   We spent a little time together…..this is what happened.

S o c i a l   N e t w o r k s