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Neal & Valerie.

What can I tell you about Neal and Valerie, that they adore each other ? I think it’s pretty obvious !! They are also one of the most relaxed and laid back couples I have ever worked with ….and rolled with whatever was asked of them one sunny afternoon……we laughed…we giggled…and chatted about their forthcoming wedding….and we captured some memories…that still make me smile.


Carrie & Ronan

One afternoon I received a phonecall from a lovely, gentle sounding lady enquiring about capturing some memories for her on her wedding day.

 Answering the phone whilst chasing after an escaped three year old is NOT a good idea but Carrie from the outset was so wonderful and kind. 

And so on a Sunday afternoon  Carrie her husband to be, Ronan  travelled to Cong and we spent a little time getting to know one was

an afternoon filled with giggles and smiles.  Here are just a few of the memories we captured that afternoon.

“The best things in life are unseen…”

I first spoke to Jason in late January and from the outset was giddy with excitement…he was ringing me all the way from Montreal with his plans to propose to his beautiful Jenia and therein started our friendship….Many months and emails later Jason and Jenia arrived in Ireland  and I, as their “tour guide” picked them up to transport them to their hotel….Unbeknownst to Jenia, Jason had every fine detail planned  – he even got the weather to co-operate….I spent an amazing afternoon with this young couple….and was truly honoured to witness the pure joy and delight in Jenia’s face as Jason proposed.   Such amazing memories were made that afternoon, here are just a few…….

I’m so very proud to introduce you to Hannah & Garrett.

From the outset I was more than impressed with Garrett’s attention to detail and more so his adoration of his beautiful bride to be…he left no t uncrossed or i un-dotted !! I knew we were going to have fun, esp when Garrett indicated that the “sign”  would be a peaked cap being removed, you see I had never set eyes on Garrett or Hannah before….and so I must admit I was doubly nervous in case I missed “my couple” !!!   But In all honesty how could anyone miss these young, beautiful people….their love and devotion to each other so blatantly obvious…..and so humbling to witness….I had so much fun with you Garrett & Hannah, thank you ….I wish you a life time reminiscent of our afternoon together. 

Alex & Delaney…..a match made in heaven.

From the very first email I received from Alex it was obvious he adored his beautiful Delaney and wanted to give her a perfect proposal…..what a guy… by the time he landed in Ireland I felt I knew him like an old friend……There is something about a secret that pulls us all together…and when that secret involves a proposal to a beautiful lady…well then that just ups the ante !! To say I was excited would be an understatement…to be given the honour to stand and share such a cherished moment….its humbling and such a privilege.  Delaney’s delight, joy and surprise was infectious and drew all  that passed by to the beautiful young couple to wish them well.  Here are a  few of the moments we captured together that day….I’m excited to share them with you.

S o c i a l   N e t w o r k s