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“Goodbye sweet summer sounds……..”

I love what I do….but I think that I have uttered those words more than once at this stage !! Who would blame me…..getting to spend time with wonderful people…capturing special moments….memories to cherish…..I’m also so very fortunate to meet some of my favourite people on a regular basis….to do just that….capture special moments….It’s so very humbling to watch these three beautiful little ones growing up in front of my lens…..catching glimpses of the wonderful young women these ladies are well on their way to being……catching little Mr. L’s sheer delight at the most simplest of things…..watching him wrap his two adoring sisters around his adorable little fingers…..its moments like these that make me very very blessed.   It’s moments like these that turn into cherished memories. 

“Grow old with me..The best is yet to be ”

I honestly believe we meet people for a reason…there is no “chance happening” and meeting Judi and her wonderful family has changed my views on growing older….on growing up ! Judi is one of those “magnets” those people who are a bright light that draw all near…..she travelled to Ireland with her son, daughter, son in law and beautiful grandchildren and our whole time together was a series of giggles and belly laughs…..she has an amazing sense of humour and shares such a special bond with her family….everyone being so attentive…loving…and yes there was some teasing..hey what family is without it !! Unfortunately there was a member of their family who could not make the trip…however they marked him in a very special way….Liz…your amazing..I’m saving that idea for again !! I’ve made friends with this family…how could I not….I could not leave the effervescent Judi without asking her what was her “secret”…what had her 84 years on this earth taught her…..her reply…Laugh…as often as possible, surround yourself with those that love you and finally a large glass of white wine is good for the soul !! Wise words indeed…..My dear friends I’m so very proud to introduce you all to Judi and her amazing family !

” Family is not an important thing, it’s everything”.

Some months ago I received a beautiful, warm email from a lady called Holly who was hoping, during her family’s trip to Ireland to capture some memories of her beautiful girls “before they grew up and left home”….Holly’s words struck a cord with me instantly…and we soon became fast friends.  By the time her husband and beautiful daughters arrived I felt I knew them ….and what sweet girls they are…as beautiful on the inside as they so obviously are on the outside.   We spent a few hours together on a magical sunny evening….we laughed..shared stories and captured some memories.  


I cant begin to describe my delight with this adorable young family….suffice to say I was in my absolute element when they also bought some props along !! There is nothing I love more than Mommas and Poppa’s more excited than I am..and boy did Paul and Lorraine show excitement…and energy..lots and lots of energy…Little man C had just taken some steps in the days running up to our time together  and it was magic to watch him do it ….magic and so very touching…his little baby steps…towards his Momma’s outstretched hands…all the while Daddy making sure everything would be OK.   Ladies and Gentleman I’m so very proud to share some very special moments with you…this is what life is all about.

“I love you in the morning, in the middle of the day, in the hours we’re together and the hours we are away”

Im sitting here wondering what to say about this beautiful family.  Many years ago I stood as a witness and watched Karl and Norma marry…as the years have

rolled by I have experienced tremendous joy at the news of the arrival of their little ones …indeed their little ones are often in front of my lens…being an adoring

Auntie affords me that privilidge !!. It has however, taken a little coaxing to get my baby sis and her adoring hubbie in front of my lens..but I wore them down !

and so on sunny Monday afternoon we spent a little time doing what it is that brings me such joy….we captured some memories.  Im so very proud to introduce

to you this beautiful family.





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