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Siobhan & Ruaidhri

From the moment I met Siobhan and Ruaidhri I knew we were going to have fun, simply because they are so much fun to be around.  The fact that Siobhan is as beautiful as she is kind was icing on the cake for me ! It is said that life is made up of memories…and I will always carry with me the memory of Siobhan the morning of her wedding…she literally bounced down the stairs and opened the door to me, with a huge grin on her face.     Ruaidhri, true to his form, took everything in his stride that morning,  but the sight of his beautiful Siobhan walking up the ailse to join him knocked him for six.    It was simply the most wonderful of days….a day filled with loving looks….warm smiles…a day memories were made to last forever. 



Mariosa & Leigh’s Wedding Day.

What can I tell you about Mariosa and Leigh’s Wedding Day….that her attention to detail was unbelievable…that from the moment I walked in her front door I was met with  warmth and laughter….and boy what a lot of laughs we had on their perfect day…..laughs…some tears and an abundance of love….There are so many important people in Mariosa and Leigh’s lives and each was honoured in their own way on their special day….everyone was involved and everyone was so very very proud to be so.     The bridal party, whilst amongst the most unique I’ve worked with had me in giggles all day….here are some of the smiles we captured on Mariosa and Leighs very special wedding day. 

Neal & Valerie’s Wedding Day.

I was incredibly excited when Neal and his beautiful bride-to-be,  Valerie contacted me about capturing some memories for them on their most special of days….its such an overwhelming  honour to be asked to witness two people marry…to capture memories for them, but its not only for them..its for the generations to come.   I am an incurable romantic, and jumped at the chance…everything about their day was as perfect as they are together….there was such a feeling of excitement in the Church…anticipation….pride….Love….these are some of the moments we captured on that day.

Going to the castle and we’re gonna get married………

Claire & Keith are simply a match made in heaven and without a doubt one of the most easygoing couples I’ve ever been in the company of.  Their sense of fun is infectious  and every one spent the day smiling and laughing.     The sun shone glorioulsy on their wedding day and everyone had such an amazing time…..myself included. 

S o c i a l   N e t w o r k s