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Communion Memories.

First Holy Communions are fun….they are giggles and smiles….excitement reaching fever pitch.  So much preparation goes into this special day…the garden is tended to..the house gets a lick of paint….Nanna’s and Grandad’s pass on words of wisdom….and all the while Mums and Dads keep a watchful eye on their very important checklist !    From personal experience I know that it is a very emotional day, its the first step in your little ones road to independence….that first bridge that is crossed and often times one of the hardest for us parents…..and yet its exciting…watching our little ones grow…gain maturity.   Life moves at a fast pace, this I know…but it also is kind enough to spread out the milestones…so that we can savour same and truly appreciate what is unfolding before us.

Miss K’s Communion Celebrations.

Its amazing watching a family grow in front of my lens and that is just what this lovely family is doing…it only seems like yesterday I was taking Mr. S’s communion portraits and today it was the turn of the beautiful Miss K.   The excitement and happiness was so very obvious for all to see and everyone made a big fuss of Miss K….esp little sister ! Momma was very emotional helping her little one into her dress…..and in turn so was I, but truth be told, it was impossible not to be …here a few of the memories we captured together that morning before the beautiful Miss K made her way to the church. 

First Holy Communion

A First Holy Communion….such a special, magical time….”how can my little one already be making their Communion” are words I hear all too often…I’ve uttered those very words myself….and yet it happens…time slips by…our little ones grow and we are given the honour and privilege of accompanying them on this part of their journey….and its moments like these that make us stand still in our tracks…make us catch our we catch a glimpse of the wonderful young adults our babies are becoming…….I hope you enjoy this little glimpse into the magic I’ve been so so lucky to witness <3 

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